Secret Pop

Jul 7, 2002

The use of feminine wiles on vulnerable door staff

Jo and Megan and I got in to see Neil Finn without too much struggle. The show was sold out, which is why I had bought tickets to see him in San Diego earlier in the week. Just in case. But a little eyelash-batting and pretty-pleasing got us our red wristbands. It was a good thing, too, because they weren't playing the audio feed in the Foundation Room, and I was not charmed by the stylings of the DJ. So, we got in, we sang along, we danced. And it was a noticeably different show than the one Jo and I had just seen in San Diego on Tuesday night. We were still treated to Johnny Marr and Lisa Germano. The other guitarist was still a guy from Diamond Bar named Sean something-or-other. But the playlist was different in many places, and that made it even more worthwhile. I did not say anything to Margaret Cho when I was inches away from her in the Foundation Room. Jo was disappointed in me. But I'm okay with it. I'm often too fearful of looking like a boob.

The guy who let us in got a kiss on the cheek for his pains. Ask my lips, and they will tell you he was sporting a clean, close shave.

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