Secret Pop

Jul 31, 2002

"Shiny shiny. Bad times behind me."

Japanese vendors often give away complimentary Kleenex packets. I wonder about this. Is this really a bonus for me? Sure, they come in handy in a pinch, but isn't this sort of like getting Q-Tips for Christmas? Incidentally, I once had a girlfriend whose parents gave her Q-Tips for Christmas. I was extra nice to her that day.

I tried to take a short nap tonight. It was a fruitless effort.

And I still have the tiniest bit of a crush on Jordan Crane. He signed my copy of The Last Lonely Saturday last July with a little drawing of the main character thinking a flower for me. I was touched. I've been slightly swooning ever since.

I was tidying up my little office/breakfast nook yesterday, and I had to stack my various desk calendars on a bookshelf to make space. I had grouped them earlier this year when I began creating a miniature history of my miniature life in an Excel spreadsheet. I didn't open them and look nostalgically at the pages. But I nostalgically remembered having done so back in January. It was essentially savoring the memory of having had a memory. Which is an odd thing to note. And places me in seeming peril of having such experiences on into infinity. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have a terrifically good memory.

Shiny shiny sha na na na.

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