Secret Pop

Jul 13, 2002

It's necessary to always carry paper and a pen.

I created a new cocktail. Pear nectar and vanilla vodka. And that was just the beginning.

It's hot and sticky here tonight. I can't say I'm fond of it. "Sultry" is a nice word and all. But I think I'd be happier living in a nice big refrigeration unit.

Today was strange and empty. I was anxious to be out of it altogether. In contrast, tonight was a sprawling mess of new acquaintances, storytelling, laughing, and climbing in and out of the backseat of a two-door vehicle. I challenged myself to keep doing it without moving the seat forward. Like a game of limbo. I was the only one playing.

I met a dog named Lucky, and I found that she insisted on having her tummy rubbed. I relented.

And there was a woman who, when asked, declared that things were really great in her life right now. And I was glad to hear someone say that.

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