Secret Pop

Jul 16, 2002

"Fallen leaves in the night. Who can say where they´re blowing?"

I worried that I hadn't done enough, but it turned out I had.

It's possible that the warming trend is a product of the blasted electronics ghetto I've got running in my cluttered little office. Or maybe some global villain has deployed a sinister weather machine. Either way. I don't like feeling sticky.

I've got a lot to do before I die.

More and more often, I see less and less that I like. In me. In others. In the world. I want to write a poem, but I can't find a way to rhyme my disappointment.

My dad was right about the way a cold beer tastes on a hot day.

I went to an Asian market to get the canned clams I like. They only had canned squid. I knew it wouldn't be what I wanted, but I bought it anyway. I couldn't leave emptyhanded. That is the story of my life.

For me, a trip to the ice cream shoppe is like a harbinger of peace. Raise the white flags. But replace the flags with vanilla ice cream. And all will be well again.

I went to Cost Plus and received very poor service. So I dragged my new furniture purchases out to my car on my own, despite their offers to assist me -- scowling all the way. "Too little too late," I thought to myself. I sure showed them.

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