Secret Pop

Jan 3, 2004

"Truth is, I've always been thirsty."

I am a sucker for stories about magic and romance and redemption. I am not ashamed to hope for immortality. I cherish the spinning of outlandish yarns and the oral history of nostalgic fathers. I love the idea of perfect, incontrovertible love. I want so much to believe in the fairy tale that I am exhausted by it. Because it's difficult to believe in things that have come to seem silly. It puts you on your guard. You have to defend your naivete. And maybe sing that song from Man of La Mancha.

Seeing Big Fish today helped me keep the faith. I enjoyed it to the very edges of my iceberg. To the depths of my ocean. To the shores of my continent. I enjoyed it all the way to my fingertips. To my eyelashes. To my shoulderblades. I loved it. Even the crying parts.

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