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Jan 14, 2004

Dark on the Inside

It's noteworthy how much you can cram into an evening if you are willing to just step out and do it. I had a belated Ethiopian dinner that was also a belated birthday dinner with Paul, who is responsible for my first-ever Ethiopian meal, so double significance. It's a shame I had other obligations pressing on me. I'm sure Paul and I could have worn the night ragged with our sundry tales. Paul was also kind and thoughtful enough to divine a wish of mine from a blog entry, and he gave me that "all stressed out and no one to choke" t-shirt as a Christmas gift. Another day of me winning.

Then I met up with Josh and played some music at long last. We even recorded. And I was making stuff up on the spot and surprised to learn that I don't actually have to rely on notation if I don't let myself. I was often ashamed of having my music stand on stage when I was playing with my previous band. But we never got to the place where we were practicing often enough that it all became second nature. And in my defense, some of the parts I wrote for myself were not so simple or straightforward. Relying on the pencil markings I made on my homemade manuscript paper wasn't such a shameful thing. Anyway, I was glad to be making music again. I sometimes forget how much more alive it makes me feel. When I haven't been playing for a while, there are things in me that atrophy. And I don't approve of that.

I also went to an issue release party for Josh's magazine that was also the record release party for the Crystal Method's latest. I have seldom seen so many people who wanted so much to bust a move and weren't at a wedding. It was nice in a way. Although it was warmer tonight than one might have expected for a January eve. More anti-perspirant wouldn't have been out of the question for some on the dance floor. Jason Bentley was there. Lots of pretty people were there. And even some people I knew but hadn't expected to see. I wish I had been in more of a dancing mood. But the closest I came to dancing was being jostled on my way from one side of the room to the other. The drinks were expensive but strong. And expensive. My lips are whiskey-numb.

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