Secret Pop

Jan 22, 2004

Dreams Can Come True

Beulah and I were listening to the music being piped in to Hurry Curry recently, and a Creed song began to play. We hate Scott Stapp. Hate him. Really. So, sarcastically, she said something about being glad that they were at least playing her favorite mix of music. Only moments later, Cher's "Song for the Lonely" began to play, and we looked at each other knowingly and laughed at how perfect the weaving of this tapestry of disappointment was. I said, "What would be a real answer to my prayers is if this turned out to be Creed COVERING Cher's 'Song for the Lonely.'" And we laughed. But only for a moment. After which I realized that if Scott Stapp were to sing a Cher song, it wouldn't sound very different at all. Isn't that something to file under scary-but-true?

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