Secret Pop

Mar 15, 2003

"This was unexpected."

Do you ever go to a place you've not been in years and realize you had a completely inaccurate recollection of what it was like? You go back to a place you remember going. You even remember the circumstances of the last time. What sort of day it was. Who you were with. Interesting little details about what went on. And then you go back, and the place is half the size you thought it was. Not because you were a child when you were last there. It was only three or four years ago. And it was light out the last time, but not so light that spatial perception is altered. It's so distracting when that happens. You get so caught up in how different it is from how you remembered it that you forget to pay attention to why you've come back. And the only new memory that is ever made is the one of your realizing the incorrectness of the first one.

I am against missing chances for the making of memories. Maybe that's why I feel so dashed when plans don't work out or when the evening ends earlier than expected.

I think I have been a bit cruel to myself this past week. I hope it won't happen again.

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