Secret Pop

Mar 20, 2003

"Activity suggests a life filled with purpose."

I went to see The Sound of Music at the Egyptian tonight. It sure is nice to just sink into a good old-fashioned romance every now and then. I suppose this film has too great an abundance of nuns and lederhosen in it (and don't forget the singing) to be considered a traditional romance, but there are certainly some sweet, tender moments. And Christopher Plummer -- who, my dad is quick to point out, never seems to play anything but a villain -- is a lovely romantic lead.

Robert Wise and some of the actors were there for a panel after the screening, but I made for home. I've already seen Robert Wise talk a million times (well, two), and I didn't want to spend another moment listening to the shriveled crone behind me crinkling the infernally noisy bag her candy came in. Sweet Factory and all such similar candy-by-the-pound establishments, I implore you: please start giving your customers soft cloth sacks to tote their selections in. Or just make them carry the stuff out in their hands. That ruddy crackling cellophane noise is likely to instigate a small, but bloody, altercation at a cinema someday. And you don't want that on your heads. Especially if that bag contained some of your sugar-free offerings. What would be the point?

P.S. Poor Friedrich. He looked like an alpine fairy in every scene.

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