Secret Pop

Mar 20, 2003

Do not disturb.

There is a guy who has been doing work in an apartment in the building behind me for several weeks now. I am growing to despise him. Every day, he parks his giant truck diagonally in front of the two garages behind me so that I have to go fetch him and ask him to move before I can get my car in or out of my garage. And each time I've asked him to do this, he has this attitude. Oh, it's nearly imperceptible, really. But it's just enough so that I want to take him by the throat and yell, "I pay to park my car here, you circular-saw-toting imbecile! I live here! And I am often trying to sleep when you are hammering or drilling or planing or talking on the cell phone right behind my bedroom window!" But I smile and thank him politely, even when he puts me off for ten minutes while he finishes a phone call in his truck's cab, giving me the "just a minute, lady" hand gesture that makes me want to catapult him into the chilly solitude of outer space. I'm on the verge of launching a shock and awe campaign of my own.

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