Secret Pop

Mar 9, 2003

"Sometimes, accident happens."

I went to see Ex-Girl at The Casbah tonight. I loved them. They made me long for Japan. So I said hello to them afterwards and bought their merch and reminisced a bit about the good old days in Kanagawa Prefecture. I was a different girl back then.

Apparently, the wig-bedecked ladies have a new drummer playing for them now. She ruled. They all did. Japan teaches us the importance of packaging. And theatrics. And showmanship. And white platform boots. Bless it for that.


Some facts I learned today were of that shifty variety where you're not sure whether to be flattered or dismayed. I experience that a lot. I'm beginning to lean towards shunning the grey areas. Draw me a line, someone. Please.

I want everything to last forever. And instead, nothing does. Maybe this is what's wrongest with me.

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