Secret Pop

Mar 23, 2003

Snippets that went missing.

Scott Aukerman (of Taint fame) was standing behind me at the Joe Jackson concert on Friday night. He once complimented me on a little Chinese dress I was wearing. But I'm sure he won't remember that.

Joe Jackson is one of the palest men I have ever seen. And he plays music in such a euphoric manner that you forget all about it. He did a solo piano cover of the Beatles' Girl, and the entire audience made that sucking in sound when you're supposed to. Joe exhaled instead. And some people made the sucking sound after the second "girl," which is stupid and wrong.

Natalie Portman was having lunch at Newsroom when I got there. She walked past my car a little while later, as I was getting into it. I said, "She must be on spring break." She looked very pretty. This woman sitting to my right who is an actress whose name I probably don't know yet didn't look so very pretty. It's funny how the camera lies with such inconsistency.

I, half crazy apparently, actually thought I was going to get to leave Amoeba Music last night without buying anything. I didn't have any titles in mind. I was a little caffeine-dizzy, and I was tired. So I wandered the aisles. And then I realized I was carrying so many items that my arm was fatigued. I have no idea how that happens. But I'm running out of places to put things.

It was a beautiful day today.

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