Secret Pop

Oct 18, 2004

play within a play

I went to see Team America: World Police today. And I thought it was really great. The songs weren't as brilliant as they were in the South Park movie, but this movie isn't really a musical, so it's not tremendously damaging. And for some reason Marc Shaiman wasn't involved this time. It was Harry Gregson-Williams instead. He's not awful or anything. But he's no Marc Shaiman. The lyrics were really funny, though. Thankfully. I was actually surprised to see Trey and Matt reuse the montage joke that was so funny to me in that Aspen timeshare episode of South Park. But they did. It's still a very funny joke, but it wasn't new to me.

The puppeteering was super great. Surprising and brazen and awesome. I like puppets anyway. I would have liked the puppets if they were made out of cantaloupes and pipe cleaners and didn't have any movable facial features. But this flick goes the distance. As far as I'm concerned, Thunderbirds are no longer go.

I could lick the rain from the sky, you know. Just lick it right up. I saw galoshes today, but I didn't buy them. I still like the idea that I might need them at some point, though. I like the rain. And I like the clouded face of the sky and the chilly, smoky scent of nighttime. It's been a banner weekend. And there's evidence even.

Here is a photo album posted by the lovely and brilliant Michelle. No one is more thrilled than I am when there is more than my camera at work. And here are my photos from the same night. I have also posted the rest of what I snapped on the Roundup page. Just sorting through all the photos and jottings-down and loose ends, I'm sort of shaking my head at all the time I did not spend sleeping. But I'm remorseless. Sleep is not the best stage for the picture play. What better time to squander youth than when you're soaking in it.

Some see a life as half full. Others see it as half empty. I see nothing but the cracks in the sidewalk.

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