Secret Pop

Oct 27, 2004


It's a little surreal getting pinkly out of a scalding bath at four a.m. Even when you keep my schedule. But the rain and the stretching on of things kept my feet cold and wet in their shoes for far too long, and I don't need another opportunity for my mother to lecture me about the value of vitamins. That's a dead boring lecture. There aren't even any circumstantially funny parts. Unless you maybe get a chuckle out of talking about the color of your pee. I don't. Unless I'm really drunk. And my mom is seldom up for that. Anyway, so I boiled myself for a bit to make sure my chilly tootsies didn't hasten my succumbing to the unenriched elements.

I had a nice time tonight. But my eyes are tired. And I'm looking forward to falling asleep to the sound of the rain.

Incidentally, Carl Weathers adds so much to a movie.

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