Secret Pop

Oct 7, 2004


There's this GMC commercial that says, "If an eighty ton bullet train can glide on air, why not your SUV? At GMC, our engineers don't just ask questions. They have answers." And this always makes me think, "At what company are there engineers whose job it is to 'just ask questions?'" And shortly after that, "I would like to work for that company." I'm picturing a busy day at the office.

Phil: What makes cereal taste that way?
George: How can we harness all the love in a star?
Hymie: What's on after ER?
Vlad: Who took a bite out of this doughnut and then put it back in the box?
Ed: Who cares about baseball?
Evan: Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
Rick: Why does everyone insist on calling me Ricky?

Wouldn't it be great to work at that place? I think even performance evaluations would be a blast. Use your imagination. See? Doesn't it rule?

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