Secret Pop

Oct 10, 2004

It comes, and it goes.

The sequel to my pain opened in theaters yesterday morning. I spent the day in quiet anguish. Today was sunnier. Better. But I feel the walls collapsing again. I remember feeling cold a moment ago. I remember thinking about closing the window. I looked up and noticed that it was closed. But I don't remember ever getting up to close it. That's sort of what it's been like all week. Dream state. Doldrums. Fog rolling in. All the time.

Movies are making me sad this weekend. I'm sure it's just the downs of being less than perfect. Less than myself. I am a big wound. And the salt keeps drifting in.

I went a-thrift store-ing today. I bought a green typewriter, some paper dolls, and a stack of books I am anxious to decimate. I will make something of all of this. That is my pledge.

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