Secret Pop

Oct 25, 2004

"I wanted to be the god of irony. But that went to Ironicus."

It was so beautiful today. We went to the Grove and the Farmer's Market for lunch, and there was this amazing, great band playing between the Cajun place and EB's (the place where you can get all those pitchers of beer). They are called The Lucky Stars, and they are my new favorite next thing. I love the clever lyrics and upbeat despair of that kind of mid-century country music. And I do love me some steel guitar. I guess it's called "Western Swing." Which makes sense, as a number of couples of varying ages got up and did their little swing dance routines. And then there was the old dear with the hunchback and the bright blue and yellow sweater. She danced up an endearing storm. And then asked the band if they knew On the Road Again and was offered an apology and declination.

Anyway, it made me feel good. We stuck around for a while, even after we finished eating, and if they'd ever gotten around to breaking out their merch, I would have bought it up. Nearly all the songs were laments about betrayals and jiltings and other sad fare, but that's the thing about that kind of music -- it's a sad that has a bit of irony in it, and that is its own triumph. I ate a hamburger with a fried egg on it, and that was grand.

When She Was Camera

Yesterday, we did some Melrose shopping and then some La Luz de Jesus shopping. There are Joe Sorren paintings at La Luz right now that make me wish I had $14,000 to spend on a painting. He is a big, fat genius. And I am tired of not being wealthy.

There were other pieces in the gallery, too. And a few of them made me feel all itchy to scatter my art supplies across my dining room table and begin again. Begin. Begin something. Continue something. Be in the middle of the something. Be immersed. I want to play with the layers and not worry so much about what parts get covered up. I look for the moment when the mess becomes something lovely. And I'm not making any sort of reference to my morning routine. There's only so much mascara in the world.

The bathroom at La Luz de Jesus is all pink inside.

Do you like being a liar with pants constantly on fire?

I do so love the sweater weather. Sweaters and skirts and pants cuffed to the knee. I've been wearing my share of those. And tee-shirts and pigtails and even some hats. I've been enjoying the season and the use of my fireplace. And I plan to play more music before the year is out.

Another genius whose art I love is Aaron Kraten. I don't have all that much wall space, but a bit of it has his name on it. Which reminds me, I have like a hundred thousand dollars worth of framing to do. I need to start cozying up to the apron-wearers at Aaron Brothers and pronto.

I can smell the ashes in the fireplace, and I know that dawn is coming soon. I wish I had gone to Disneyland with Michelle today. I love it there.

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