Secret Pop

Dec 14, 2003

In the Cold, Cold Night

All those Green Bay fans crowding the Downtown bar scene would think me a spoiled West Coast weakling, but it was far too cold for my tootsies tonight. And it's far too late for the rest of me. I played violin for seven or eight hours and then had a bit of the nightlife shoved my way. And I would ordinarily be fine with that, but my Sunday will hold a great many more hours of performance and socializing, and I can't think of a slot of time when I might be given a chance to catch my breath. Maybe it will be invigorating. Maybe it will knock me over dead. I'm shaking right now. Palsied hands hovering over a bleary keyboard. Nothing but vodka and Red Bull and Advil in my belly. Nothing but the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I turned on the t.v. just now to see NBC reporting that Saddam Hussein has been captured. "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him," was just said by Paul Bremmer, and the news people cheered and applauded, some jumping to their feet with hands clapping above their heads like a clumsy performance of Y.M.C.A.. While I don't think you should be relying on me as a primary news source, if you heard it here first, you heard it here first. I'm glad this phase of the aftermath is concluded. But I also think there is a great distinction between this and the notion of unconditional surrender. This just feels like the Easter egg hunt is over and we can all get on with our mid-terms.

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