Secret Pop

Feb 20, 2003

"It's a frog with bird feet?"

I'm done with work I should have been done with before. That has a way of diluting the satisfaction of being done in the first place.

I was walking down the street early this morning, and someone had left a crate and several bags of books out on the curb. There was nothing to indicate they were to be discarded. I walked past them twice before giving in and stooping to look through them. I felt a little vagrant-y doing it. But I saw the authors and the titles sticking up from the heap, and I was intrigued. Obviously left by a woman. Probably either Jewish or Black. Probably depressed. Smart. Socially conscious. Interested in erotica (classics of erotica included). And then there was Ibsen.

I didn't take any of the books, even though I was tempted to scoop the lot up and scurry home with them. I was fearful I would discover they were all filled with poisonous mites or bat eggs or something. Do bats lay eggs? I know nothing of how bats are made. So, I didn't take any of the books. But I made note of the ones I would have taken and added them to my Amazon shopping cart. Proving incontrovertibly that I have learned nothing from my mother about the sacred importance of getting things for free.

I was expecting more of a night than I got. But I'm stitched fast to the promise of getting what's coming to me sometime soon.

Unnecessary aside:

Soon is one of those words that is wrong by its very construct. As much of a hurry as one who uses it is probably in, it should be shorter. Faster. It has too many Os in it. What a waste of time that extra O is. I think the word soon should just be converted into a very slight lift of the eyebrow.

Come to think of it, a lot of words that would seem to imply the need for quick, succinct conveyance employ double letters with overtly gratuitous waste. Speed. Hurry. Zippy. Why the overkill? The impatient can't be trusted to write two Rs in a row. Honestly.

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