Secret Pop

Feb 27, 2003

I love metaphors involving the sea.

I was just tucking in a bit after 2 A.M. -- 2:14, to be precise -- when I heard the rains begin. The sound filled my head with ideas. Worries about the morning and memories of other damp days. It was colder last night than the previous night. And I was glad of my recent shame-inducing expenditures in the luxury bedding department. I was quite cozy. Enough so that I forewent getting up and posting an entry at that moment, trusting that I would remember what I meant to say upon waking. That was risky.

As a reprise to my previous post about the various words of the day, I recall a few months ago when a word of the day was Lucullan, and I congratulated myself for already having known it and its origin. But then I promptly scolded myself for knowing it because it was part of the name of a cookie I used to eat in 1993. They were called Lemon Lucullans, and there was an explanation of the etymology on the package. I'm no genius. But I've got a crack memory. And I'm a fan of cookies with jammy fruit middles or cream filling. That will seldom be disputed.

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