Secret Pop

Feb 3, 2003

At last, the cold.

Who knows how long it will linger. And I can't be sure if it isn't just my apartment, but it was chilly today. I'm pleased. I bought an orange sherbet-y colored scarf last week, and I'm itching to have it round my neck.

I spent some time looking for lost things today. No luck. How is it that what is most precious to you ends up among the bits and pieces scattered to the winds whose trace -- once faint -- is now absent even from memory. I almost wish I could forget the things altogether. Forgetting where they are is one thing. But remembering THAT they are only leads to the despair of longing and an endless dance of turning up everything else I never meant to find.

Do you know the way to San Jose? I don't, but I've got this handy mapping service...

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