Secret Pop

Feb 15, 2003

"I'm tired but I'm working, yeah."

This has been the longest week in the history of weeks. I have this slight rasp in my voice -- a foreign throatiness that got there from the enormous amount of gregariousness I've had to serve up. I've been ON for what seems forever. I'm ready to toggle down.

I wish I had kept better track along the way. I know I had a lot of observations to share and a lot of curiosities to write down and go "what's all this?" over. But time was passing faster than the cast of a canceled television show from which most of the stars are now dead. Ha ha. Who says I've lost it. That's gold, right there. Pure comedy gold. I was going to say faster than the cast of Diff'rent Strokes, but I think they are actually kicking off rather slowly, all things considered. Plus, I'm not feeling mean today. Just red in the eyes and a little slouchy.

I've been ordering Stoli Vanil with pineapple juice a lot lately. And everyone's been copying me. I hope my made-up drink will get a cool name. Preferably with my name in it. The Tropical Mary. Or the Spiny Forrest. Or maybe the Sore Tongue. I would weep with joy to be immortalized on a bar menu. Instead, my gravestone will likely read: "Mary Forrest, would-be trendsetter."

I received beautiful red tulips first thing yesterday morning and a kiss on the cheek. How lucky! I'm glad there are thoughtful people in the world.

But I think I am losing my fondness for coming home at six a.m. Especially when I have to be up at eight thirty. Notice how I write the times out longhand. Maybe this will catch on, too.

Romeo O Romeo, you've got to have your say.

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