Secret Pop

Oct 7, 2001

Things I would never publish for fear my mom or dad might read them

I found some sex appeal in the shower yesterday. I looked down at my body, smooth and covered in beads of water, and I saw something I wanted a picture of. So I grabbed my camera and brought into the shower with me and took a few shots of the way my belly turns into the curve of my hip, and I'm interested to see how they will turn out. Issues of lenses fogging up forced me to stand under ice cold water and leave the door open to a blast of conditioned air, but maybe that will make the pictures more dear to me. I suffered a little to get them.

Of course, maybe I'll be thoroughly dismayed at how I look and vow never to be in another photo again. What fun it is to acknowledge the unpredictability of the world around me.

Well, that wasn't so naughty. I suppose it would be all right if my mom or dad stumbled onto this page and read that their daughter was snapping questionable photos of herself while showering. I'm a little more concerned now about the employees at the 1-hour photo place. I hope they've been taught to be respectful of other people's "art."

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