Secret Pop

Oct 25, 2001

Los Angeles is for vampires

If I'm ever going to cut it in this town, I'm going to have to learn to place less value on sleep. I went to a very cool party at the House of Blues tonight. I had a great time, but I drank too much, and was both delighted and dismayed to be told that it was time to go, when the Foundation Room was closing at midnight. We migrated over to the Saddle Ranch Chop House and had some victuals there. And in both places, I felt attractive and exceptional.

Highlight of the evening? Dancing to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" with Bob, who really knows how to make a lady feel like she's being led. It just proves my earlier theory that I never danced enough. I had the music in me on a number of occasions tonight. I'm glad I had the opportunity to let it out if only for a spell.

I gave out cards a lot this evening. Good-looking Dave from the E! Channel got one. And Sue from Paramount Pictures. I hope I'm on my way to making a slew of new friends. I'm certainly in the mood for it.

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