Secret Pop

Oct 18, 2001

Everything is new today.
Thus ends my first week in my new apartment. I have to go back home to San Diego to tie up loose ends, finally and for good. A sigh of relief will likely be breathed in there somewhere.
I didn't have any restaurant adventures last night, although some had been planned. Just dealing with the cable modem installation and eating leftover Chinese. There's still plenty to do and nowehere near enough daylight hours to do it, but I'm not discouraged. I have no reason to be. In my friendly enthusiasm, I waved through the window of my back door at a neighbor the night before last. I'll bet I looked like a dork, but I'm glad I did it. He waved back. Perhaps out of pity. I'll soon be known as the nice dumb girl who lives downstairs.
So, my errands have taken me through Culver City and all along Venice Blvd, and I actually feel stressed out about how many restaurants and shops I feel I have to frequent in fairly short order. It's cool being in a new place, but the responsibilities are ominous. I can't let a month go by without going to that funky looking record shop on Pico or that awesome green Thai restaurant on Venice. How could I live with myself.
I think I'm realizing that I don't have much to say. With everything going on, I'm ashamed that I haven't done more or documented more. But I suppose there's time. I've only lived in this apartment for four days, after all.

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