Secret Pop

Oct 25, 2001

I support the arts in Los Angeles.

I finally made good on my promise to myself and walked over to LACMA on my lunch break to extend my patronage. I'm in love with that place. And proud to support it. While I was filling out the forms, the teller asked if I'd ever been a member before, and I said I hadn't. The man behind me in line jovially cried, "Well, welcome! Good to have you!" It was all very comforting. I went to the museum store to pick up my complimentary deck of playing cards, but I'm saving my gander at the new Jasper Johns/Jeff Koons exhibit for tomorrow.

I came up to Los Angeles back in May for an interview at Universal Music Group, and I got into town early and went to kill some time at a McDonald's near the offices. When I walked in, a suspicious-looking fellow asked if I would like to support the arts in Los Angeles. I'm pretty sure he was panhandling. I told him I would catch him on my way out. But I ended up leaving through another more inconvenient door just to avoid him and his pitch. He saw me scurrying off to my car and yelled after me, "Hey, where are you going?" But I was home free. Now, I can put an end to all the guilt-ridden, sleepless nights. I DO support the arts in Los Angeles. And with a tax-deductible contribution, no less. Yay, me!

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