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Dec 7, 2005

Rectum Pad!

When I got back to my car today, parked at a meter in front of the Whole Foods in Westwood Village, there was a flyer on the windhsield. I didn't notice it until I was already driving home. And I had to read it in reverse to figure out what it said. And I read it several times to be certain it said what I thought it said, which was:

Rectum Pad!

Need Help?
Use the Rectum Pad to help you make life
easy and relaxed.
Do you burn, itch, irriate [sic], and sweat...

The Rectum Pad is specially designed for the
Rectum: Anal discharge can be an
embarrassing and uncomfortable condition.

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The whole way home, I just kept hoping the wind would keep blowing the flyer over so that pedestrians and other drivers wouldn't think I was making money advertising for this product on my own.

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