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Dec 29, 2005

Misogyny. The wherefore.

From 06.23.05.

I don't hate women. I am a woman. But I do hate the accomodations that entertainment makes on behalf of women, taking the fun and the funny and the worth it out of everything. Batman Begins further supports my belief that girls ruin superhero movies. The love interest not getting it, judging the hero for the alterego he must hide behind, judging judging judging. Why must women always be the instrument by which fun is ruined? And if this really is their job, can't we just keep it out of the movies? It happens in the Spidey movies, too. And in the Indiana Jones movies. I can provide more examples, if anyone wishes to challenge me.

With the exception of Katie Holmes, I liked Batman Begins a lot. Gene Shalit panned the movie, only further proving that he could better serve mankind by committing the rest of his professional efforts to licking someone's balls.

I went to see it with Dustin. When we left the theater, it was late. There were a bunch of Christians with these big crosses outside of Grauman's Chinese. There were things written on the crosses. Things like, "He died for you whether you love him or not." This marginally derelict guy bummed a cigarette off me. But when I offered him a light, he declined. Said he didn't want to be disrespectful. He didn't want to smoke it there because it would be disrespectful to the Christians. I felt taken aback. Homeless guy gets free cigarette from me while also subtexting me with an admonition about my own rude behavior.

Two of the evangelists came up to me and Dustin (while we were still mid-smoke) and asked what we had seen and then both enthusiastically said they were excited to see the Batman movie, too. They did not seem to think we were jerks. And they were so wide-eyed and nice, I worried that they were all going to go commit a spaceship suicide. Niceness isn't invariably suspect. But some forms of niceness...well, you know it when you see it.

Well, I strayed a bit from my misogyny topic. But my point was just that I am a female creative type and performer with every right to have an axe to grind about how unfair a shake women get in the entertainment industry. But I guess I don't. Sure, I wish it was easier. Sure, I wish people didn't think that girls aren't funny as a rule. Or that they shouldn't be trying to be funny when there's pudding to make. Or that they shouldn't be in charge of most things. Or that they should make sure their nipples are always hard when they're showing. But I also don't subscribe to the necessity for the token love interest in an action film. Women will go to see a movie if the right men are in it. And men will go to see it if the right men are in it. Women will vote for a man president. And men will vote for a man president. I think women hate women more than anyone. But I want to clarify: I don't hate women. I just hate Katie Holmes.

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