Secret Pop

Jun 7, 2005

There's no way around this being stupid.

I'm in my room at the W here in New York. It's more than quarter after five in the a.m. I have to be in the lobby in a few hours to begin my day of meetings. My alarm is set for seven thirty. That is not a lot of time between now and then. But I spent the sultry night casing the city, snapping Lomos, drinking, babbling, walking well in high heels, and wishing there was no meeting to go to. I got very little sleep yesterday to begin with. On account of it was my first day of work, and it included a flight to New York on an American Airlines jet that smelled of pee, a terrifying cab ride from the airport, a hasty change of clothes, and a realization that it's too muggy here for my hair to ever look good.

My awesome co-worker Brad suggested that he and I blog the shit out of this trip. So it is officially on. I've taken more photographs in the six hours I've been here than I took the last time I went to Disneyland. For serious.

I should have had a cigarette at that bar around the corner where people were smoking inside.

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