Secret Pop

Jun 4, 2005


I saw both of The Pixies' shows at The Wiltern last night, stayed up drinking whiskey until almost six a.m., and then went to Disneyland today for about three hours. I guess I'm preparing for the coming weeks when -- owing to a brutal work schedule -- I likely won't be able to do anything ever again. I had the best possible spot in the house for the ten o'clock show. And I have never been so much in love with a band ever. Inspired. Inspiring. Fucking bomb ass. I cannot sing the praises of the acoustics at The Wiltern with enough zeal. That joint is the only place to see a concert you care about, as far as I'm concerned. I'll see concerts nearly anywhere. Have one in your tool shed. Will there be booze also? I'll come. Especially if your shed is not all ages. But if you really care about the way the shit sounds, go to The Wiltern. You'll get your money's worth.

Anyway, I meant to be asleep already.

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