Secret Pop

Jun 11, 2005

Different for Girls

Last night at Palermo, before the movie, Tammy swore off drinking because of being a little down. And I asserted, drink in hand, that I too am a little down. And she asked why. It seems that everything's going so great for me. And I said, well, you know how it goes. And she asked what was wrong, and I said, nothing nothing -- that I had had a few disappointments this week. And she smiled and said, "He's not worth it." And I laughed. Because I think it's funny how archetypal it is to assume that when a girl is feeling sad, it must be because of a guy. Does it always have to be a guy that's making me sad? Does it always have to be that? Can't it just be the weight of the world? Or the weight of me, for that matter? Or the exchange rate? But -- as with stereotypes in general -- that go-to assumption is archetypal because it is so often true. For instance, Chinese people really are bad drivers. I am a great driver. But I am an anomaly. However, I am not always an anomaly. Which is a little embarrassing. But then, nearly everything is.

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