Secret Pop

Jun 11, 2005

Magical Mystery

After my first actually full day at my new job, I went to see Howl's Moving Castle tonight with Jeff and Tammy and Kevin. I was strangely tired and distracted and had trouble keeping my attentions from drifting. But when I was making sure to pay attention, I found the movie delightful. I really love the weird sort of fakely European world in which so many of Hayao Miyazaki's films seem to take place. They remind me of the Europe I imagined when I was reading Ursula K. LeGuin's Malafrena as a girl. A world where people eat bread and cheese for breakfast and make tea for something other than the smell. I've just gotten home from a trip out of town, but I still feel the tug of that familiar wanderlust. I still want to go further away. To places where I cannot recognize myself. To places where I can be someone else entirely and never be caught in the act.

I picked up six rolls of New York Lomos today. I have a great deal of scanning to do. And I am happy with a surprisingly thick stack of them. I like getting the hang of a camera. I like knowing what I'm doing in nearly every circumstance.

After the movie, we went to The Overlook (too loud) and then to The Dresden (too nearly closed) and then we stood outside and told stories for a while. And then I drove Jeff home with a new parking ticket on my lap.

There is a lot that goes on with me that never bears mention. There are a lot of stories that I will just plain never tell.

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