Secret Pop

Nov 11, 2003

You can lead a horse to water.

I wouldn't want to take a tally, but it seems that I don't get my way much of the time. I don't really insist on it, either, so there's really only me to blame. I keep my wishes a secret. I disguise my disappointment. I silence my displeasure. I prefer to vote the secret ballot if anyone else might mind. I never volunteer to take the wheel. I defer to the volition of others. And sometimes I sit in the backseat stewing in my regret. But I'm beginning to wonder if it all isn't just some elaborate blame-avoidance maneuver. I never say when. So it's never my fault when there's too much or too little. I seldom help myself to anything without first being invited. When I was a child, my mother didn't allow me to call adults by their first names, even when they asked me to. I don't even understand the sorts of politeness I've got stamped on me. But I would have wagered that a gal who bends so easily to the will of all wouldn't so often find herself outside the favor of the every. And then I remember that I have no head for odds, as we never gambled in my house.

Maybe YOU can lead a horse to water. I can't even get near 'em on account of allergies. Say nothing of the drinking bit.

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