Secret Pop

Oct 24, 2003

Sky Aflame

From mid-morning, I noticed that the light seemed different. Dusk-like. The sky was pink and gold. The light warm and golden. There was a haze over everything. A murkiness. And there was ashen snowfall swirling in the air outside my apartment. Rancho Cucamonga is on fire. I have an aunt and uncle who live out there.

And solar flares wreak havoc on cell phone connectivity and whatever else is affected by such things. It sort of feels like a celestial armageddon. Except for the fact that the radio is still talking about how hard it is to be a pop star when you're old and why things are going the way they are on Wall Street. I have a feeling if the sky was falling, someone would be shouting about it.

It was actually a spot cooler this morning than it has been. But Santa Ana conditions are projected to dry us up and burn us out through the weekend. Can't a pair of sinuses get a break?

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