Secret Pop

Oct 30, 2003

Einstein called them "insane."

While I was kvetching to Josh last night about my mom's lack of professed pleasure in my existence, he said something that made me laugh. He asked, "But aren't you perseverating?" And I said that I suppose I was. And then he said it was like when you go to the supermarket and they don't have what you want but you keep going around the store as if it will turn up if you just keep looking for it. (I readily admit that I do this.) And you just get yourself more and more frustrated as you get angrier and angrier at the store for not having what you want. He said this happened to him once, and a woman told him "that's what retards do." It's that old thing about doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Apparently, the opining woman "works with retards." I couldn't believe someone who works with retards actually calls them "retards," but Josh assured me that she does. I suppose she was trying to make a point.

Expect what you get.

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