Secret Pop

Oct 17, 2003

The sheriff wore awfully tight pants.

"Doris Day is...The Ballad of Josie." I saw that introduction, and I resolved to fall asleep to that program. I made a lot of observations but was too drained to log them. As a result, they are either lost or now deemed uninteresting. Peter Graves, George Kennedy, David Hartman (as the tight-pants-wearing sheriff) and a bunch of other actors who may or may not have been in landmark airplane disaster films in the 1970s and 1980s, were all dolled up in their finest fake western garb and moseying about in their fake Wyoming. Women's rights and the suffrage were big topics of this "comedy." But I fell asleep before the big overestrogenated riot scene happened. And I dreamed about an office party where someone brought a loaf of blue cake, and I wanted to steal the whole thing, but there was only one crumbly slice left when I got around to it.

My neck and back are stiff and sore, but I've got things to do.

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