Secret Pop

Sep 30, 2003

Second Guessing

I am a mass of dissatisfaction today. I am uncomfortable in my skin. I am overwrought.

I just looked at the entry that precedes this, and for a moment, I thought it said "Crimetastic." And when I realized that it didn't, it occurred to me that it would have been a better title if I had thought of it at the time. It makes for a nice all-purpose suffix, the "tastic." Like now. How am I feeling, you might ask. "Why, I'm downtastic, thanks very much." What a cheery way of saying that I'm sinking into a burbling swamp of disappointment.

But then I sense the tide turning, and maybe I don't so very much dislike where it's headed. My dreary autumn morning left me tired and bedraggled, but it was an autumn morning after all. And I've been pining for a few of those. Bring on the justice. Bring on the sweater weather. Bring on the dancing horses. Wherever they may roam.

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