Secret Pop

Sep 30, 2003

Mary Forrest: Crime Statistic

My car got broken into last night. I was at a comedy show, having a grand time, but when I walked back out to my car, the passenger side window was smashed in and my stereo was ripped out. I just dropped my car off at the auto glass place four blocks away and walked home. I haven't been this sort of victim in a while. It wasn't a welcome revisitation of all those feelings of disgust and frustration and the confusion of someone who has never understood how certain people do certain things and never feel crippling guilt over it.

It took me years to finally get around to buying myself a nice CD player for my car. And I only got to enjoy it for a year. I guess today is the day for raising a glass in favor of spending you didn't plan for and shouldn't have to engage in. Cheers.

I can count to five!