Secret Pop

Apr 11, 2003

Song for You Far Away

There is something about saying that you miss someone. To miss something. That something is MISSING. To feel the void that is left. The absence that replaces the presence. The nothing that was once more than that. The nothing that stands for what you have lost. When things go missing from me, it requires adjustment. I stand differently. I must correct to keep my balance. Because I require these things. And without them, I am less than whole. I am bereft. Robbed. And the taking away is like a slap to the face of a confused child. A punishment. Inexplicable.

No one fills the space where you once were. The outline of you is still there. Keeping the amorphous goo of time and healing from seeping in and filling the crevices and turning the absence into substance. Your seat is saved.

You are precious to me.

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