Secret Pop

Apr 1, 2003

Impotent Rage

Anger is like a disembodied spirit. If it can't find an entity on which to rest, it just roams the earth, haunting innocent bystanders from time to time, provoking laughter from schoolchildren, effecting nothing.

I bought tickets to a Mark Knopfler concert and received an email from Ticketmaster that the concert had been canceled and that a refund had been processed, minus any Ticketmaster charges. So I just paid twenty-four dollars and ten cents for the convenience of buying my now-useless tickets from them. That smarts.

I was also jacked by another online retailer earlier this morning. It sure does bite it when you realize how useless your well-verbalized consumer ire is. I'm still waiting for a number of companies to go out of business as a result of my heartfelt displeasure in the way they handled me. And it's discouraging to know that at least one of them is in the top five of the Fortune 500.

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