Secret Pop

Apr 8, 2003

The rain rain rain came down down down.

I went to the post office today to pick up a package. I walked there. It was sunny and lovely out. I waited in a long line and felt grateful for the fact that I was not on my lunch break and anxious and looking at my watch constantly. I was perfectly content to wait. That's something I love: having the time to be patient.

There was a couple in line behind me who were renewing their passports. I heard them talking about their date of departure, and I let my imagine fill in the blanks about where they would be going. I was envious of them. The woman had fair skin and dark curly hair and a pretty smile. She was polite to the man at the window. He was not very nice to her. I disliked him on her behalf. But that's not how you make friends. On line at the post office. Commiserating over the way customer service has declined over the years. I didn't even make eye contact with them. I bought my toy car stamps and left with my package. It was a big box. I had to carry it for a few blocks. This is precisely why I usually opt to drive to the post office. Carrying a big box home for a few blocks is somewhat lacking in dignity. People wonder why you have to walk. Are you in trouble with the law? Is your car broken down? Are you still drunk at this hour of the day? I got home to find I have another package to pick up. I will probably walk there again, only to discover that someone mailed me a build-your-own-house kit, building materials included. I hope the post office has a community handtruck they loan out on the honor system for situations such as these. I don't want to have to resort to pushing my package home in a Sav-On shopping cart.

It isn't raining. But I would be happy if it was.

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