Secret Pop

Dec 8, 2001

The Party

Angie was showcasing her work with a bunch of other artists at the Downtown loft of a musician/artist friend of hers called Rick. I went with Andy and Dave after a nice bit of dinner at Spain in their neighborhood. It was exactly my concept of what real parties are. But I had never seen evidence of such things in my own experience. Crowded halls and stairwells of smoking, semi-famous personalities. Mingling. Dancing. A wealth of once-overs.

I met lots of cool folks. Had a few drinks. Ogled the artwork. And called it a night. All in all, it was great fun. I almost wish I hadn't had anywhere else to be in the morning. But that's a dreadful thing to say, when the thing that awaits me is MuppetFest!

Sleep is less rewarding when it can be had.

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