Secret Pop

Jan 10, 2006

lipstick on my pillow

Erin asked a few of us ladies to be in a little short of hers, so I went over to her place today and got tarted up and did some funny business. It looks like it will be funny, but I hate to see myself on film. Really. I just want to move to the gym.

When I got home, I went to plug my cell phone in in the bedroom, and I noticed that the lipstick still in my hair last night -- the bit I couldn't quite wash out in the El Cid bathroom -- had marked up my pillow all red and pink-like. Not quite true to my usual form, it doesn't bother me. I'm not going to sleep on it like that tonight, but I'm not all bent out of shape that my bedding is ruined or anything. Theater does that to me periodically. Changes my priorities temporarily. Makes it okay for things to be all upside down. I guess I like that.

Our piece was only two and a half minutes long (which was plenty), so in a way I guess I feel good that the halo of it has stretched on a little bit. Jessie drank too much port, so she had her own halo today. But then she put a lot of salad on her boobs, and everything was a-okay.

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