Secret Pop

Jan 3, 2006


"Better late than never" is a bullshit thing to say. It's passive aggressive. It shrugs at culpability, gives the finger to expectations, and humps the leg of trust.

That being said, here are the photos I took at Kevin Seccia's birthday party. It was a super fun awesome party, and I didn't even get there until eleven pee-em. But if your birthday party is sponsored by Red Stripe beer, that says something. It says something like, "Wow, Kevin Seccia. What the fuck, right? You are some kind of superman." Aimee Mann and Michael Penn were there, too, which says just about the same thing.

Jeff has a hideous photograph of me doing a beer funnel at the end of the night. Fortunately, it was taken with his camera and not mine, thereby freeing me of the obligation to show it to anyone.

Happy Birthday, Kevin Seccia! You are the best thirty year-old of the lot!

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