Secret Pop

Apr 10, 2004

Chinese Logic

"Chinese authorities have fined an Internet cafe after two teenagers spent more than 48 hours playing an online video game, then fell asleep on a railroad track and were killed by a train." [Details.]

Isn't the placement of blame a curious thing?

Speaking of which, the taking of blame is a rarer animal than ever. Condoleezza Rice makes me so angry as to spit. I'm glad there are satirists and pundits who can wryly find ways to debunk her bunk without bursting bloody brain matter all over the cameras and microphones. I've been relying on them to voice the displeasure that threatens to devein me if I speak it. I suppose some admiration can be reserved for a woman who is able to turn what ought to be a contrite admission of a ball dropped into an election-season advert. She pats herself and her cohorts on the back for what has been accomplished. For the laying waste of countries. For the passing of the Patriot Act. For the damming of intellect. For the taking of vacations.

Apparently, the Washington Post calculated that George W. Bush has spent 42% of his presidency on vacation. Maybe that's why he's so sorely unconcerned about how many of the rest of us are out of work.

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