Secret Pop

Apr 17, 2004

Backlash of the Vice Sisters

Kevin and I basked too long in the welcoming but fickle embrace of the abovementioned siblings. And then early morning upstairs cacophony put an end to my rejuvenation. She was crying and yelling and stomping around for hours. The only solace I took in it was knowing that she was obviously miserable. And it serves her right. Later she was dragging a suitcase down the stairs in bellowing thuds. And he was out in the car. Honking for her. Of course he was. The car is parked mere feet from the door, but the horn is as good a voice as any. Those people are the rotting tooth in civilization's mouth. When you don't find sleep until dawn is on the creep, you become an expert in matters of dental health.

It's sunny out but with those darkening rain clouds on the verge, opaque and ominous. Laughter becomes a memory far too quickly for my tastes.

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