Secret Pop

Nov 8, 2002

"The city where Sound of Music was filmed is Salzburg -- not Auschwitz."

It's remarkable that I am able to pull off the pretty, sporty look today given the lengths of drunkenness to which I stretched myself in the hours preceding. I should look like death in a sweater with lipstick. I look slightly better. I was actually surprised to see the blog entry that comes before this one. I have only the faintest recollection of having typed it. I did quite a bit of typing last night, it seems. When I got out of bed this morning -- fully clothed, plastic wristband in place, miserable -- I came to my computer to find evidence that I had had the idea to say a great number of things I don't really remember. Fortunately for me, I was an ardent composer but a dilettante in the subject of sending. My dizzy keystrokes never left the screen. I have to remind myself that I am far more likely to say things I will later regret when I am grand on the sauce. That's good advice for anyone.

That would be nice, actually. If I would come to my weblog on some days and find an entry written for me. Like the Elves and the Shoemaker. Little magical sprites hacking into my journal to write things that I might have said while I am left to slumber in my bedthings, smelling of flowers and the faintest hint of cinnamon. I would be grateful for that.

It rained and rained all the day long. I loved it from indoors.

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