Secret Pop

May 31, 2006

For the record, I did not care for X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

But it has led to a number of amusing conversations with likeminded friends. Notwithstanding the complete forfeiture of the previously compelling (or compellingly previous) conflict, which made countless gradations in the shades between white and black hats, there are just so many laughable moments. And, setting aside comments about what stupid "powers" the "bad" mutants had, why did they all look they were on a smoke break from their jobs at Hot Topic? Jessie and I burst out laughing repeatedly. At the extras playing picketers outside the clinics where mutants were getting dosed. At Kelsey Grammer just in general, but especially when The Beast said, "Oh, my stars and garters!" And when Angel flew over the Golden Gate Bridge, I leaned over to Jessie and said, "I'm gaaaaaaaay!" And that made us laugh, too.

We did, however, pay the sum of more than twenty-seven of your United States dollars to see the film. So, you're welcome, record books, and you're welcome, Brett Ratner. I thought Prison Break was filled with potential, and that was a disappointment, too. Good work!

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