Secret Pop

Apr 11, 2006

Photo Set

I have been uncharacteristically slow about editing and posting photos to my web site for most of this year. It's a sign of many things. But out of love for the people whose pictures I take, and out of pride for having taken them, I am offering the interim solution of my Flickr sets.

Here are some of the events you may have attended/heard about/missed/wished you hadn't gone to:

Disneyland with Michelle and Martín 04.09.2006

Happy Birthday, Tammy Golden! 04.06.2006

The Night We Almost Fought at M Bar 04.01.2006

St. Patrick's Day 03.17.2006

Garage Comedy 03.06.2006

L.A. Zoo 02.19.2006

Liquid Kitty 02.04.2006

Evan Moore's Housewarming/Cooling Party 02.03.2006

Disneyland with Kevin Kelly 02.01.2006

Chip Pope's M Bar Dance Party 01.27.2006

At the Movies with Kevin Tavolaro 01.18.2006

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