Secret Pop

Apr 10, 2006

It's a Moist World

Change "moist" to "damp." I dislike the word "moist." I guess everyone does. Except cake-bakers.

I went to Disneyland yesterday and got splashed more thoroughly on Splash Mountain than ever in recent trips. And when I went to Room 5 in the evening, I went to write something down and found that my notebook was all squishy. That's a disappointment. Not even half full and rooooned. Wanting to copy everything over neatly into a second identical notebook is a hallmark of my desire to have things neatly written down and preserved. I used to play with Spirograph and Fashion Plates, both of which are prone to slips of the pen or the crayon, and it would drive me mad trying to get something to come out without any flubs. It took a lot to get me to rejoice in errors, and even now I do it only selectively. If I'm making an art project and I screw it up, sometimes that's for the best. And if a photo comes out with the exposed flare of the leader visible within the print, I almost like it more. But I will throw away an envelope if I write the address incorrectly, and I won't eat burnt popcorn unless it's to spare someone else's feelings.

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Anonymous said...

For the record, I was disgusted by the word "moist" long before such disgust was fashionable. I believe this constitutes my fifteen minutes of fame.